Since 2011, K. Kypers has been making a new episode of The Double D Show for their brother's birthday each year. These videos are terrible and can only be enjoyed by the two siblings, but K. is inexplicably proud of this trash.

Double D (from the cartoon show Ed, Edd n Eddy) records The Double D Show in his bedroom accompanied by a few hamsters from Hamtaro and Goku from Dragon Ball.

Double D records a birthday greeting for Eddy in his bedroom. (2011)

Double D invites Pinkie Poodle to wish Eddy a happy birthday. (2012)

EDpisode 3 - The Walking EDd - Eddy was killed by zombies. (2013)

K.K. Slider is invited to serenade Eddy on his birthday. (2014)

Eddy loves anime! Maxwell has a parasite! (2015)

Politics interferes with Eddy's birthday celebrations. (2016) 

Double D is trapped inside the mysterious TV world where he must face his shadow self. (2017)

Trunks does not care for Eddy's taste in anime. (2018)

Double D has designed an audio-only video game for his best friend, Eddy. (2019)